Durability Rating

Planet Dog's Durability Rating

This chart is intended as a guide for you and your dog. Not all dogs chew alike, so the ratings below are "typical", though not universal. Knowing your dog's chewing habits can help you choose the most appropriate toy for them.

5 out of 5 chompers

Perfectly round shape + Orbee-Tuff material
For the most aggressive chewers.

4 out of 5 chompers

"Roundish" shape + Orbee-Tuff material
For fairly aggressive chewers.

3 out of 5 chompers

Elongated or non-ball shape + Orbee-Tuff material
For moderate chewers.

Please note: Not all toys made of Orbee-Tuff are intended for chewing! The ZOOM Flyer®, the Mazee®, the Snoop® and the Whistle Ball® are made for tossing, puzzling and fetching, so they do not have a durability rating.