Puppy Play Group

The BEST and CUTEST socialization and training for your new puppy

The Planet Dog Store offers its Puppy Play Group on Saturdays and Sundays to puppies to instill proper play habits and development.

Saturdays, 10:00 - 11:00 am*
Sundays, 11:00am – Noon

*As of 11/16, Puppy Play group is finished for 2017. We'll resume our weekend playgroups on Saturday, January 6th! 

Early Social Development is critical to healthy canine interaction

Pups who come to Puppy Play Group are better prepared to enjoy healthy and well-balanced play. Younger pups develop a positive interpretation of “play with me.” Once a pup graduates, they are able to respectfully engage younger pups and adult dogs in many types of play.

Help make Puppy Play Group the best hour of your pup’s week!

Here are the “Rules of the Room”

  1. Age/Weight requirements: puppies between 9 weeks and 6 months old and under 25 lbs are welcome to attend.
  2. Please have your puppy for a minimum of 4 days before bringing them to Play Group to give them a chance to adjust to being a part of your family.
  3. Vaccinations: puppies must have received their first set of core vaccinations: canine distemper (CDV), canine parvovirus 2 (CPV-2), and canine adenovirus 2 (CAV).
  4. Sign in before your pup enters the romp area. Be sure to include your e-mail address and phone number.
  5. Read the "Playgroup Risks" poster.
  6. Ask the trainer to hand you your pup every 10-15 minutes during the session for potty breaks.
    Complimentary poop bags and treats for potty breaks are available. See any Pack Member for help.
  7. Puppies must be on-leash outside of the romp area for safety reasons. Please avoid the window area of the store when outside. The pups bump into the window trying to reach each other.
  8. Re-hydrate your pup! Water bowls are near the store exit.

Tips for a tail-wagging romp

Give your pup some distance from you (and the kids). This will help them adjust to this new experience with greater ease and less stress. Feel free to explore our store and chat with other new puppy parents, but check back frequently in case we need to hand your pup to you for any reason.

Watch, listen and learn from what the trainers are doing. They will explain how to interpret the different behaviors exhibited by the pups and will intervene if the pups get too rowdy. What looks like bullying is often normal play in the dog world. Let the trainers be your guide.

Ask questions. Our trainers are here to help you be the best pet parent possible! Please ask about behaviors you are struggling with or don’t understand. Feel free to consult our ‘pack-members’ about any aspect of caring for your pup: products, food, grooming and training classes - our educated team is here to help.

Don’t worry. If your pup pees on us, poops in the pen or picks a fight, it’s perfectly normal. We can handle it and we will love your pup, no matter what. Please interpret these rules for your kids. Seeing cute pups is mighty tempting, but fingers and arms reaching in the pen can get nipped or scratched and your puppy’s play time gets disrupted.