Current Sustainability Efforts

Planet Dog's Current Sustainability Efforts

Meet the Planet Dog Sustainability Council

  • Stacy Eby - Stacy joined the Sustainability Council because she liked the idea of helping develop standards and measures to ensure Planet Dog is striving to achieve its sustainability goals. Sustainability is also very important to her on a personal level. Her role on the committee will be to coordinate and find learning opportunities for Planet Dog employees on sustainability and to develop sustainability focused partnerships with vendors and other companies in the community. She is also helping analyze effectiveness of sustainability efforts.
  • Piner Markovchick - Piner is passionate about giving back and joined the Sustainability Council to make sure Planet Dog is growing in the greenest way possible. Piner's major role on the committee is to develop and execute greener initiatives at the Planet Dog Company Store, to assist in marketing and messaging about our initiatives to our stakeholders and to seek out and implement educational activities for the Planet Dog staff about sustainability in the workplace.
  • Sean Matthews - Sean joined the Sustainability Council to learn more about how he could make the wholesale warehouse run more efficiently. He has already been instrumental in transitioning to bags from cardboard boxes and helping the company save money by being more efficient. His role will be to continue to seek out and implement opportunities for the warehouse and the supply chain.