Retailer Resources for Planet Dog Customers

Making it Simple for You

We offer the BEST service and support for maximum sales. Bright, cohesive, informative packaging and branded fixtures make for eye-catching displays in any setting. Our products look great on a peg, on a shelf, in a basket, bucket, or bowl. And our FREE signage helps you tell and highlight our story.

Your visual displays and branded signs should be versatile and effective. Ours do all this through strong visual consistency and appeal.

Please speak with your Sales Team Leader about our award winning Branded Spinner and Orbee-Tuff® Counter-Top programs, and how to get FREE signage and merchandising assistance for your store!

Top Merchandising Tips

Are you looking for creative ways to showcase your Planet Dog products? Let our merchandising experts inspire you. We have fun and easy ways to display our products, whether you carry just Orbee-Tuff® or our entire line.

Maximize our Branded Display

As a multi-channel merchant, we know how important it is to provide customers with a high impact and top-quality shopping experience. Stores also need to look good and be easy to shop. That's why we created the Planet Dog branded display.

Our display merchandising tips:

  • Don't mix brands.
  • Keep pegs full; restock when needed.
  • Cluster multiple PDOG Branded Displays together for the most effective message.
  • Avoid theft by placing small products at the top of your spinner.
  • Create "themed" or like-product sides to make a convenient shopping experience for your customer.
  • Refresh sides often with seasonal assortments.

For more ideas on how to merchandise your Branded Display, check out all the options we have on the Planet Dog Branded Display page.

Use signs

Signage brightens up any display and serves as an extra salesperson. Planet Dog signage is free with your next order. Available in multiple sizes to fit any store layout.

Create a "farm stand" for Orbee-Tuff® PRODUCE

Invest in a good display unit. We got ours at the Maine Bucket Company, see above. Some basic assembly is required. Each bushel bucket holds 3 cases per toy.

Add the "little extras" that create authenticity. Simple wooden crates and small chalk boards can be found at any craft store and are very inexpensive. Be sure to order enough toys to fill out your display and don't forget the chalk!

Use eye-catching and professionally produced signage.

Or... simply hang them along with the rest of your Orbee-Tuff® products for a great Planet Dog presentation.

Work the mint

Be sure to display some of the Orbee-Tuff toys at snout level. That's right - snout. All the toys are infused with mint which is irresistible to dogs.

Show toughness with our Diamond Plate line

Your customers want toys that our tough. To display our toughest line, the Diamond Plate balls and Double-Tuff, we recommend visually showing toughness with a diamond plated toolbox. You can find a toolbox like this (as seen above) at most general hardware stores. Mix different sizes, colors and both the balls and Double-Tuffs for a fun look. We also have added a play hardhat for an extra fun little detail.

Display floatability with a floating Orbee-Tuff toys

All Orbee-Tuff toys float, make sure your customers know that! Float a few in a fishbowl, host a bobbing for Obrees party in a kiddie pool on a hot summer day! We love these wall mounted floating fish bowls and use them in our Company Store and tradeshow booth.

Game On! Fun ideas for merchandising Orbee-Tuff Sport

We love pairing out Orbee-Tuff Sport line with whimsical sporty items. We have used Gatorade coolers and small Weber grills. Group together the full Sport line and make a real eye-catching display that is sure to score you some major points!