The Planet Dog Difference

All About Planet Dog

Planet Dog is... a designer and developer of the BEST dog products using the BEST materials for your BEST friend.

Planet Dog offers... a breadth of award-winning lines and categories including:

  • PLAY: Orbee-Tuff®, Balls, Bones, Diamond Plate Balls, Sports Toys, Product Toys 
  • INTERACTIVE: Mazee, Snoop, Squeak, GuRu, Strobe, Double-Tuffs
  • GO: Hemp Collars, Leashes and Harnesses
  • GIFT: Holiday & seasonal lines

Planet Dog leads... The pet industry in product, brand & program innovation and targeted philanthropy.

Planet Dog celebrates... Twenty-one years in the industry as a known and respected leader of the pack.

Planet Dog guarantees... Each product. Any time. Every time!

Our Guarantee. 

Planet Dog guarantees all products against defects. If you are not completely satisfied with items you purchase, contact us and we will make it right. GUARANTEED.

If a customer returns product due to quality or durability issues, please provide them with a credit or exchange per your store’s policy, then contact us to get a credit on your account. If the total of the damage exceeds $30.00, we require that you send it back to us. And you can always contact Customer Service at 1.800.381.1516 or your Planet Dog Sales Pack Leader with any questions.

All about Orbee-Tuff®

  • Made in the U.S.A. (called out on each hangtag)
  • 100% guaranteed. Any time. Every time.
  • Recyclable, non-toxic and phthalate free (we use natural oil to create flexibility)
  • Made with 20 – 100% recycled materials
  • Extremely durable (excellent tear strength and cut & puncture resistance)
  • Buoyant (Kongs don’t float without added fillers or Styrofoam.)
  • Chewy & Bouncy (textured and smooth) with unpredictable bounce because of its innovative design
  • Infused with natural mint mineral oil
  • Award-winning

Okay. But what IS Orbee-Tuff?

Without giving away our top-secret recipe you can impress your customers by telling them our Orbee-Tuff® material is a Thermoplastic Elastomer (T.P.E.). That means it is a physical mix of polymers (a plastic and a synthetic rubber) that offers advantages typical of both rubbery materials and plastic materials in the molding process and for the end use of the product.

Advantages of a T.P. E. include:

  • Superior moldability for innovative designs like Planet Dog’s.
  • Superior durability.
  • Unlike rubber products, T.P.E. products are recyclable and consume less energy to produce.
  • T.P.E. products do not need the addition of reinforcing agents, stabilizers or cure agents, leading to improved consistency in finished products.
  • T.P.E.’s cannot be loaded with inexpensive fillers.
  • Our T.P.E. does not use chemical softeners (such as Phlalates or BPAs) used in vinyl and other plastics. We use White Olefinic Oil to soften, which is very much like baby oil and completely safe.
  • Our T.P.E. contains no latex.

How did we innovate the best dog ball on the planet?

19 years ago, we starting working with chemists to develop Orbee-Tuff, our now-famous signature compound. Hundreds of hours of field and lab-testing later, we had it: the most durable, recyclable, pliable, buoyant and bouncy dog toy compound on the market. What makes them special? Orbee-Tuff products are resilient. They are squishy. They are stretchy. They feel soft to the touch yet so strong when chewed.

They are tried and true and offer the perfect chew. Guaranteed.

In addition, knowing dogs love to smell, we threw in some natural mint oil to take them over the olfactory edge. (And, it smells a lot better to humans as well.) Of course, Orbee-Tuff is also eco-friendly. It consists of all non-toxic ingredients and is 100% recyclable. Best of all, every one of our Orbee-Tuff toys is made in the USA.

“world’s best”

In 2003, we got a letter from a customer who had mowed over an Orbee Ball with his John Deere tractor. It remained 100% intact. That customer happened to write for Parade magazine and in the November edition he described the Orbee Ball as "the best dog ball on the planet." We completely agree.

Responsible Business Practices

Putting the “Planet” in Planet Dog

As the leading values-led pet company we know that advocating on behalf of our four-legged friends includes protecting the environment our pets need to stay happy and healthy.

We “think globally and act doggedly” in everything we do. Not only do we focus on the environmental impact of our high quality products/toys but we also continually work to integrate sustainability in our core-business practices to innovate new ways to protect our planet. Our sustainability efforts at Planet Dog include sustainability in our products, our team, within our local community and in our buildings.

Eco Friendly Products

We work diligently to minimize our environmental footprint by starting with eco-friendly design and forming snuggly relationships with our vendors to select low impact materials that never compromise the durability of our awesome 100% non-toxic toys and products.

  • Not only are all our Orbee-Tuff® toys 100% recyclable, but we reuse all of our post-production material that would otherwise be discarded. We call this post-production material “regrind” because we literally take the excess material, regrind it, then mold it into another toy that’s just as doggie-durable, buoyant, bouncy and minty as the first.
  • Our hemp collars, leashes and harnesses are some of our best-selling products. Could be their durability...hemp is one of nature’s strongest fibers. Or, it could be that buying hemp helps reduce strain on our delicate eco-system. We think both.
  • We are working on ways dogs everywhere can reduce their carbon pawprint.

Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition

We are proud to announce our most recent planetary efforts as we embark on an industry wide collaborate effort to advance sustainability. In 2012 Planet Dog chose to “romp the romp” with the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition. But we aren’t just joining; we are leading the way as a Founding Member who is not only dedicated to sincere sustainable improvement in our own doghouse but we also want to make the road to greener pastures easier to find and follow for other companies too.